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Sometimes 140 characters just won't cut it so I started writing stuff down....here. Don't get me wrong, I love Twitter but there are times when the Random Thoughts of a Southern Liberal Mind just can't be contained within a Tweet.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm still here!

...even after so many life events in the last 18 months that would drive most people to the brink.  But, you can't keep a Southern woman down for long.

I've been painting like crazy lately.  Be sure to check out my Art Show link on this page.

Quietly listening to Chris Matthews on Sirius XM in the car, trying to keep up with the daily Scandalgate in DC (Lord knows you need to keep a list of crap to be scared about) and praying for Stephen Colbert over the loss of his Mom and hoping that Jon Stewart stays safe in the Middle East.

Nick Cage is currently filming a feature movie here in my home town.  Woohoo!!!  Friends and Neighbors have been posting pics all over Facebook with his handsome mug walking on my streets.  Now ain't that something?

Lastly -

I'd like to give a shout-out to Edward Snowden.  He has to be either the bravest or the dumbest young man I've heard of in like...FOREVER!  Really dude?  What exactly did you envision the remainder of your life would be?  On the run?  Forever?  Treason is a heavy charge Ed.  That NSA operation you claim to know so much about...you know...the one from which you stole documents and information, they're coming for ya.  You had to know those NSA minions (the ones that look just like you) would be charged with hunting you down.  I know the world is a big big big big big place.  But it kinda has to feel pretty small in that International Terminal of the Moscow airport when the whole world is looking for ya.  Right?  So...I hope things work out for you the way you planned but I seriously think you should have thought things through a little more...  Just goes to show ya that money can't buy know-it-all.

Peace out!