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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Blog from the Present

Where do I  begin?

There are so many issues to discuss and I have so little time.

As I stated in my earlier "A Blog from the Past", I listen to mostly conservative talk radio. I think it is important to not just hear, but also to listen to other points of view. What I normally hear are the angry rantings and ravings of the nationally syndicated shows’ hosts (whether they be Michael Savage or Todd Schnitt or Glenn Beck - Rush Limbaugh). These anger rants are filled with the type of abstractness found in poetry and rarely based in fact. The ravings are typically followed by the tea-drinking callers who believe they are "the masses". The tea-drinkers praise the angry hosts and the hosts pat themselves on the back for "warning" us of impending doom. The catch - if someone dares to disagree, they are demeaned, belittled, screamed over and eventually disconnected.

Blah....blah....blah.... Same talk, different show, different host, different day. UGH!

However, occasionally I will hear an accusation against one of our elected officials (also now more affectionately known as "the ruling class") that makes me go "Hmmmm....." When that happens, I begin researching the issue. On rare occasion, I find that an accusation has merit but the great majority of the time, they are based in absolute falsehoods found in emails which spread like wildfire. Example: Sharon Angle (Tea Party candidate for Nevada senate seat) claims that Sharia Law is being declared in cities across our country. Oh yeah....it’s already happening....she knows it to be true because she "read it somewhere." Want to know where? - You have 3 guesses.

But I digress....

Every workday morning, I listen to a local talk radio show "Sean & Wayne"on FMtalk1065 (http://www.fmtalk1065.com/). I hate to say it but I enjoy this show. They address local issues and the regular callers have quite a wonderful sense of humor. Recently, one caller dared to defend our President and the follow-up caller challenged us "liberals" to list for him just one accomplishment of the Obama presidency - "just one" he said. Well....I nearly wrecked my car reaching for my iPhone! I quickly ripped off a couple of emails defending POTUS listing issues I thought were not too polarizing. Here’s the exchange as it unfolded:

TO: Sean Sullivan
FROM: Amy Bolt

Subject: Here’s one for Obama

Auto industry bailout saved thousand of jobs AND they paid it back. Remember? The GOP opposed it.

- Peace, Amy

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                   Subject: Another for Obama

He negotiated the $20 billion compensation fund from BP. That should have been capped at $75 million (and all spent by now) under the Oil Pollution Act set up by GOP in 1990.

How soon people forget.....

- Peace, Amy

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
TO: Amy Bolt
FROM: Sean Sullivan

                  Subject: Here’s one for Obama

Amy, the auto industry bailout saved jobs that shouldn’t have been saved. If GM’s business model was flawed then they should have failed. Thanks for listening and challenging my take on things. I do appreciate differing views its what makes this country great!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
TO: Sean Sullivan
FROM: Amy Bolt

Subject: Here’s one for Obama

I’m sorry I must disagree. The jobs that were saved were American working man jobs. These should be saved despite the company’s business model. Those working class Americans do not have decision making power when it comes to the corporation’s business model. What would have happened to Detroit’s community or the State of Michigan if these innocent working class folks had lost their jobs due to the corporations failed business model?

Your caller asked for a success of Obama’s. I gave you two on very short notice. There is a long list of them.

I love listening to you and Wayne in the morning. But sometimes the callers’ conversations are allowed to cause more harm than good..

- Peace, Amy


Crickets...chirp chirp chirp....crickets.....crickets....crickets....

Yep! Swoop! Nothing but air!

There are a couple of things glaring out here. The first one is that employees should lose their jobs because a big corporation’s business model is bad??? Come on! I hope my email response covered (which garnered no response). The second being that he completely ignored the single most important thing that our President has done for our local community. He negotiated with BP to set up the $20 billion compensation fund for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Why did Sean Sullivan ignore it? Because it is a good thing that has SAVED our economy. This is a major accomplishment and it is Obama’s accomplishment.

More crickets from the Right........

....chirp chirp chirp....crickets.....crickets......crickets.....

- Peace y’all

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