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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I proudly support President Barack Obama!

Dear Mr. President: I'm sorry and embarrassed that small minds like Donald Trump and the Birther movement were trying to distract you from your task of eliminating Osama bin Laden - the real threat to America. Thank you for being patient, intelligent, contemplative, tough and resolute.

Good job Mr. President!


J.Gaver said...

It's kind of sad, between that and now apparently there's a manufactured outrage of common being in a attendance at the white house for a poetry slam. Yet the same people who distract with such issues are the first to complain about the issues such things distract us from.

AKBolt said...

Yes... they hate Common yet not too many months ago, he was on their conservative news programs and they were singing (pardon the pun) his praises. I've come to realize that politics is like college football. You love your team and you hate their rival team (when their playing each other of course).

It really doesn't matter what President Obama does...he can get Bin Laden, he can fix the economy, he can have policies that create jobs, give people $8,000 back on buying a house, cash for clunkers, insure adult children to age 26, etc... there are people who will dislike him and be unaccepting of him because he's on "the other team".

I'll say it again - I AM PROUD TO SUPPORT PRESIDENT OBAMA. I wear his t-shirt as proudly as I wear my Roll Tide jersey!